The added value in our Natural Marine Products Bank

The key differentiators in the Nautilus natural product discovery strategy:

Microbial library - It is well recognized there is a high correlation between habitat, biodiversity, natural product production and biological activity of the natural products. Thus, collections from varied unique habitats provide access to new natural products with novel biological properties. In partnership with UPEI, Nautilus has collected marine samples from Colombia, Barbados, The Bahamas, Florida, Atlantic Canada and Canada’s Arctic. Working relationships with these jurisdictions are ongoing and new collecting partnerships are currently being developed. As a result, Nautilus has been able to develop a unique, high value marine microbial library.

Microbial culture - Nautilus uses innovative methods to culture slow growing, potentially symbiotic microbes and a wide range of culture conditions to facilitate natural product production. Novel media are used to mimic the microbe’s natural environment, effectively “turning on” natural product biosynthesis.

Expertise in marine microbial natural product discovery. Nautilus personnel have world-class expertise in marine bacterial and fungal isolation and culture as well as natural product purification/characterization.